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The Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO

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The Extraordinaires® are over the top characters with extraordinary needs. It’s your job to design the inventions, gadgets, buildings, clothing and vehicles they require to fit their worlds.

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO is a powerful design tool that challenges young designers by stretching and exercising their creative muscles in a fun and engaging way. Your clients are The Extraordinaires® - over the top characters with extraordinary needs - and it’s up to you to design the things they require to fit their worlds. 

Choose from the selection of diverse design clients, from a Snow Queen to an Alien... perhaps even a Time Traveller. Look at the exceptionally detailed, illustrated character cards to learn more about them, their world and their needs. With over 720 design combinations, young designers will spend many hours honing and fine tuning their design skills. 

A good designer always asks lots of questions. Pick a Think Card to guide you through the 3 step design process of Research, Design and Improve. Could your invention be made bigger? Does it need to be more portable? Could it be made with sustainable materials? Using the Think Cards helps sharpen design-thinking skills which are essential to the 21st century designer.

Download the free iOS and Android app featuring The Extraordinaires® Design Gallery to share and celebrate your designs.

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The Extraodinaires® Design Studio Refill Pack - Idea Pad and Pen


Single and Multiplayer modes. Design individually or co-operatively with a friend or colleague.

Awards Ceremony – 5 award cards to present friends or colleagues on their designs, ranging from ‘Best Design’ to ‘Most Wildly Inventive Design’.

No batteries needed – no leads, no charging, fuelled only by your imagination.

Neat, organised compartment system for storing your designs and materials. 

No assembly required, just open your set and begin your user-centred design experience.

Free iOS and Android App featuring The Extraordinaires® Design gallery, to share and celebrate your designs.

Refreshes and teaches young designers on the basics of great design (and designing for others) in a meaningful, fun and engaging way. 

Hours of imaginative fun for young designers, boosting creativity and empathy. 

Perfect for the aspiring designer, or a seasoned professional looking for a creative workout. 

Box Contains

24 Extraordinaires Cards – Choose from the selection of diverse design clients.

30 Design Projects – Pick your design project from one of five categories – Inventions, Gadgets, Buildings, Clothing and Vehicles.

50 Think Cards – A good designer pragmatically asks lots of questions. 

Drawing Pad – Capture up to 50 of your detailed designs on the drawing pad, inspired by real world design studios. Once your ideas pad is complete, order your refill pad from our website or you can download our idea sheet for free. 

2 Designer’s Pen – designed for comfort and smooth, gliding lines, just what designers rely on when sketching their ideas in the studio or agency. 

120-page design guidebook – a detailed visual guide to develop a user-centred design mindset. Delve deeper into the backgrounds of The Extraordinaires, learn the core principles behind the design process to create a foundational stepping stone between education and entering the professional design arena. 

Instructions – Clear, easy-to-follow instructions to help you get started with your creative workout. 

Recommended from ages 16+

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Want to try it yourself?

Try our free downloadable design project, giving you everything you need to create your first Extraordinaires® design, including a Character card, Project card, Think card and project paper to draw and annotate your design.

Want to try it yourself?

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