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The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Deluxe

Take your design skills to the next level with this fully immersive design experience. Create inventions, gadgets and much more for a diverse range of extraordinary clients and perfect your design skills. 

200+ Design Challenges

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO

The ultimate creative workout for aspiring and professional designers. Hone and master your craft in this user-centred design experience, with a full 120 page designers book and tutorial list.

720 Design Challenges

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Buildings

Design buildings from a megastructure for a Giant to a sports venue for a Brave Knight. 

36 Building Design Challenges 


The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Clothing

Design clothing, from Footwear for a Gingerbread Man to Protective Clothing for a Snow Queen.
36 Clothing Design Challenges

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Gadgets

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Design gadgets from a plaything for a Time Traveller to cooking utensils for an Alien.

36 Gadget Design Challenges


The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Inventions

The world’s next great inventor could be you. Design gadgets for spies, aliens, werewolves and more.

36 Gadget Design Challenges.

The Small Groups Package

5x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Deluxe 

Ideal for classroom environments arranged in fixed tables or pods of up to six students.

Refill Pack - The Compact Range

Lost your pen or need a new idea pad? Don’t worry, we have you covered.  

Refill Pack - The Design Studio and The Design Studio Pro

Continue your design journey with a brand, new idea pad and pen