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Harnessing the Power of Play and Design Thinking in Education

Thinking about introducing design thinking to your students? Hear from the educators who already have.

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The Extraordinaires® Design Studio is used by elementary and middle schools across the world. Educators have recognised it as a powerful tool to foster empathy, creativity, resilience and self esteem in their students. This page is a dedicated resource for educators and home-schooling parents, looking to keep up to date with the curriculum as well as providing information and resources for lessons in school.

Meeting Educational Objectives

Design thinking and the play-based approach to creativity encouraged by The Extraordinaires® Design Studio are important pedagogical components to the 21st-century classroom. Find out how The Extraordinaires® can help teachers meet all of their most ambitious formative and educational goals!

Maintaining Curriculum Focus

With an emphasis on supporting a wide variety of educational objectives, The Extraordinaires® Design Studio can assist teachers in meeting curricular standards and engaging in interdisciplinary activities in elementary and middle school classrooms. See how The Extraordinaires® can become a part of your class!

Providing Teacher Resources

From sample lesson plans to downloadable worksheets and graphic organizers, The Extraordinaires®Design Studio is fully supported for a variety of classroom needs and learning objectives. Come back often to see what else we have added!

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What happens when children are encouraged to Play With Design?

As the creators of The Extraordinaires® Design Studio, we wanted to find out.