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Welcome to Design & Make

Inspired by The Extraordinaires® and looking to take your designs from the drawing pad to the real world? This is the place for you. Watch our videos as we show you how to breath life into your extraordinary creations, step-by-step from design to building your own prototype model from every day materials.

Design and Make: Fairy Seat

Extraordinaire: The Fairy
Design Project: Somewhere to sit

Design and Make: Pirate Parrot

Extraordinaire: The Pirate
Design Project: Something for carrying things

Design and Make: The Arcane Journal

Extraordinaire: The Wizard
Design Project: A Timekeeper

Design and Make: Werewolf Hide-out

Extraordinaire: The Werewolf
Design Project: A hide-out

A short video on how we went through the process of designing and making a Flying Vehicle for an Evil Genius

Design and Make: Flying Vehicle for Evil Genuis

Extraordinaire: The Evil Genius
Design Project: Flying Vehicle

Design and Make: Ceremonial Outfit

Extraordinaire: The Vampire Teen
Design Project: A Ceremonial Outfit

Design and Make: Training Dojo

Extraordinaire: Ninja
Design Project: A Place to learn

Design and Make: Autotweeter

Extraordinaire: Superhero
Design Project: Remote Control

Design and Make: Shuttle Bug

Extraordinaire: The Dwarf
Design Project: A Multi-Person Vehicle

Design and Make: Multi Tool

Extraordinaire: The Time Traveller
Design Project: A Drinks Carrier

Design and Make: Isometric Drawing Part 1

Extraordinaire: The Circus Acrobat
Design Project: A New Home

Harnessing the Power of Play and Design Thinking in Education

Thinking about introducing design thinking to your students? Hear from the educators who already have.

Watch the video >>