The Creativity Hub is pleased to announce that Anita Murphy and Rory O'Connor will be making their way to the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo on May 16th and 17th with The Extraordinaires Design Studio.

Anita and Rory's Maker journey began after they started to hear from educators that there was a need for a fun way to teach and encourage design thinking, and so they developed The Extraordinaires - a group of extraordinary characters with spectacular needs.

Within The Extraordinaires Design Studio you become a designer, with an extraordinaire client and a project. You could be tasked with designing a drinks carrier for a Ninja, or a place to sleep for a wizard, with think cards to help you develop your design along the way. For Makers like Anita and Rory the idea of designing before you make, is really important and part of the process they used to produce The Extraordinaires Design Studio.

Anita and Rory are very excited to have the chance to inspire a new generation of inventors and designers and the fact that it is the 10th anniversary of the exceptional gathering that is Maker Faire, makes it all the more special.

In 2014 The Extraordinaires Design Studio was featured in MAKE magazine in an article called 'Kickstart a Kids' Makerspace'. It was this article that encouraged Anita and Rory to attend Maker Faires, and continue a new part of the Maker journey. This year The Creativity Hub is the only Irish Maker at Bay Area Maker Faire.

At the Maker Faire The Extraordinaires Design studio will be in the Maker Shed, a hub of designing and inventing - the place to be!

Come along with your family to have a chat and introduce your budding designer to Anita and Rory. They will also have the opportunity to design with them during the group demo time.

Rory and Anita will be demoing on Saturday from 2 - 5pm and on Sunday from 4 - 6pm.

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