Following on from the success of the Rory's Story Cubes #todaysdoodle weekend challenge (which you can see here), we are pleased to announce The Extraordinaires Design Studio #todaysdoodle weekend challenge!

How can you partake in the challenge and what do you have to do?

Go to this link - and download The Extraordinaires Design Studio #todaysdoodle weekend challenge pack.

Use the information in the pack to create an object that meets the needs of the Extraordinaire character.

The pack includes

1. Instructions

2. A character illustration and all the information you need to complete a design for the character

3. A doodle sheet for you to print out or use as a layer to draw on if you so wish!

When you have completed the challenge, tweet a picture of your design to The Extraordinaires Design Studio Twitter account, @extraordinaires, using #todaysdoodle.

Happy designing!