This March at The Creativity Hub we are celebrating International Ideas Month.

International Ideas Month is about ideas; ideas that are huge or tiny, good ideas, great ideas, old ideas and new ideas. Rory's Story Cubes and The Extraordinaires Design Studio have both been used around the world as an aid in the process of coming up with and developing an idea. This is something that we are very proud of here at The Creativity Hub. It is great to see every day the amazing and innovative ideas that people are coming up with, often working in a team to improve ideas even further.

The Extraordinaires Design Studio Uploader app enables game players to share their idea, after going through the design process of choosing a character to work with, meeting their need through designing an item specifically for them, be it somewhere to sleep or a remote control. The Think cards help refine and improve the idea and then the award cards allow you to review the design with guidance. The Extraordinaires Design Studio Uploader app is available on the Google Play Store and on the iTunes App Store.

Often the ideas we see posted to the app and added to the gallery are innovative in every way, and sometimes it is a single element that the designer has developed and expanded upon that really catches our eye. The Extraordinaires Design Studio promotes problem solving skills, and design skills that benefit everyone, irrespective of the professional discipline a person is working in.

Many fantastic ideas have come to light through the creative process of The Extraordinaires Design Studio, it feels fitting to celebrate these ideas today, on the last day of International Ideas Month. Below are a small selection of designs, if you would like to see more please visit the Gallery