We have just launched The Extraordinaires Design Challenge, a new product design competition, open for submissions April 7-18 2014! It is open to all primary and secondary school students on the island of Ireland.

Based on The Extraordinaires Design Studio, the contest challenges students to become product designers for The Extraordinaires - a range of characters made extraordinary by their job, their environment or their appearance.

Participants must use their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills to design the ultimate object for the Extraordinaire’s extraordinary needs, for example “Design a Music Player for a Superhero”.

There are three sample Design Challenges that students can choose from, or if you have your own copy of The Extraordinaires Design Studio - you can choose your own! Get your hands on a copy here.

The Extraordinaires Design Challenge from The Creativity Hub on Vimeo.


The winner of The Extraordinaires Design Challenge will win a 3D prototype of their design!

This winner will be chosen based on the creativity and imagination shown in the design and how well the object designed fits the needs of the Extraordinaire.

Five runners up will receive a hamper of The Creativity Hub products for their class.

How To Enter:

For more information and for how to enter, visit www.extraordinaires.com/DesignChallenge.