It is wonderful to see Pictiúr, an exhibition of 21 contemporary children's book illustrators from Ireland, on show at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art). Pictiúr is the largest single exhibition of Irish children’s book illustration ever and includes some of our very own Extraordinaires artists.

For most children, book illustration is the introduction to the world of visual art as well as literature. Children quickly develop favourite books and emotional attachments to the pictures.

Laureate na nÓg (and Extraordinaires illustrator) Niamh Sharkey has done a great job curating the exhibition celebrating the talent and creativity in Irish illustration. She ensured the exhibition traveled around Europe before bringing it back to Ireland. On it's tour it was seen by over 25,000 people. The exhibition travelled to Vienna, Bologna, Brussels, The Leuven Institute for Ireland, Belgium, Draíocht Arts Centre Blanchardstown, Dublin and the Baboró Children’s Festival in Galway before arriving at IMMA.

We're so proud of Niamh Sharkey (who illustrated The Pirate for Extraordinaires) for bringing the wealth of Irish illustration to the masses. Our other Pictiúr-featured Extraordinaires illustrators were Steve Simpson who created The Super Hero and The Evil Genius and Chris Judge who created The Ninja.