Easonology is a new initiative launched by Eason's in their flagship O'Connell Street store. It is a creative environment that allows both children and adults to interact with books, games and technology that enhance learning. Easonology is designed to develop imagination, creativity and the mind.

It is divided into three zones:

- Challengizm is full of puzzles to stretch your mind.

- Discoverist offers a multitude of way to learn about science, nature and space.

- Creatology offers resources, games and tools to stretch your creative mind.

The Extraordinaires Design Studio takes centre stage in the Creatology zone. We took part in an in-store demonstration of the Extraordinaires to introduce the game to visitors to Easonology, adding another interactive element to the area. It is a great fit in Easonology, offering visitors something distinctly different as they looked for a tool to develop their creativity.

Easonology itself is a great stop during an afternoon of shopping, with much to interest children and adults. A team of Easonologists is on hand to offer ideas and tips on finding what's right for your needs. There is also a virtual graffiti wall, the first of it's kind in Ireland, where visitors pick up a digital spray can and design to their heart's content. Easonology and Eason's are a front runner of a new idea emerging in Irish retailers, where creativity and learning in puzzles and games are nurtured.